What is YarnYAY!?

Each box comes with a bite-sized portions of mid-range to high-end yarns handpicked by Vickie, an accompanying knitting pattern, and other fun knitting supplies!

I need help!

Call Ghostbusters! ...Or email us at Support@yarnyay.com! Please be courteous to others and our team by only emailing in once per issue - the more tickets we have, the longer it takes us to help. We promise we're on it! Please note that regular Customer Service hours are between 9am-6pmCT, M-F. However, regardless of when you reach out, please allow 24 hours for a response.

How do terms work?

First select your term between one, three, six and 12-month renewals. Renewals will be billed on the 11th of the month according to the terms of your initial purchase. For example, one-month subscriptions will be re-billed on the 11th every month, three-month subscriptions will be re-billed on the 11th every three months and so forth. 

When does my order ship?

We ship between the 14th-17th of every month. First time orders placed between the 14th and end of month ship almost immediately. Please reach out to support@yarnyay.com for additional questions.

Does my box include the products I see in photos on your website?

The photos on the website, and products in the photos, are used for promotional purposes only. The actual box a customer receives each month will include different products each month. As we curate more boxes we will update the photos online and provide examples of previous boxes.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We charge an additional $10 for international shipping. All packages shipping internationally can take up to 14 days for delivery. Additionally, currency exchange rates between USD and your country may apply. Please note, we've found some countries take longer than 14 business days to ship to; examples include but aren't limited to Denmark and Saudi Arabia.

Do you sell to everyone?

We sell to everyone and appreciate all of our customers more than you guys know. You make our jobs worth it! However, we do reserve the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason. 

How do I skip a box?

Skipping is easy! Simply login to your account and click "edit" under your subscription's information bar. You'll immediately see a "skip" button at the top of this pay. Please be sure to do this at least 24 hours before the renewal date (11th) or you will not be able to skip the month.

How do gifts work?

Your gift recipient will receive the month you order. EX: If you order August 30, your giftee will receive the August box.