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Block Builder Crochet Club

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Please note: BBC Vol. 1 began in September 2021. if you join now, you'll begin with Block #10 so you have the opportunity to crochet along on the same block as everyone else. See details to purchase Blocks 1-9 (optional.)

This is a monthly digital download club.

Hey there, crocheters! Looking for a monthly practice that helps you add to your stitch pattern arsenal, while also offering modular options to build whatever type of project(s) speak to you? Well then, friends, the Block Builder Crochet Club is for you!

This club is based on a 12-month vision, but crocheters can join at any time! Click on the tabs to learn more!

Tag #YarnYAYBBC with your block pics!

Great for Crocheters

Please Note: This club launched on September 1st 2021 with Block #1. New members will start on the current block.

This is an annual-minded, digital club delivering a juicy pdf every month which includes a 16" block pattern, tutorial video, yarn-weight modifications, and block building project ideas! Here's the scoop:

  • Every last day of the month subscribers will be charged for the next block's eBooklet. Then on the 1st, beginning in September 2021, subscribers will receive via e-mail a link to download the latest Block Builder installment.
    Note, if you started mid-month, your dates might be a little different, but you will always receive a new block one month from the day you received your last one. If you have questions about your individual subscription, email:

  • To ensure that your modular projects -- whether you make our 2-square pillow, or stick around for the full, 12-square blanket -- are less "hot mess", and more "hot yes!", we've picked a stitch pattern theme for this year's blocks: Shells and Puffs.

  • The Block Builder Club is meant to be accessible for most budgets. You'll have the option of choosing your own, heavy-worsted yarn (pull from your stash-- but please use smooth yarns with little-to-no texture), or using a Vickie Howell yarn in suggested palettes. 

    (Psst! Prefer a less middle-of-the-road yarn weight for your 16" squares? We'll offer stitch counts for both DK and bulky weight yarns, too!)

Why join this club? Here are some of the benefits of being a YarnYAY! Block Builder, for only about the price per month, as one fancy coffee!

  • This club is great for new crocheters who want to learn, and more advanced knitters who are looking for a mindful , monthly knitting ritual alike!

  • Over twelve months, learn and practice 12 beautiful stitch patterns that you'll be able to use forever in your crocheting practice.

  • Although one option will be to take all 12 squares to make a keepsake blanket, our club isn't an all or nothing operation. Unlike other block of the month-type clubs, the YarnYAY! Block Builder Club is designed to not only have one end to the means. This is a choose your own adventure endeavor! As the months build upon one another, so will your project options. We'll give instructions for creating great projects using 1 or more squares, as well as idea inspirations for other options! 

  • Behind this club is YarnYAY! founder, and industry veteran Vickie Howell. Known for easy-to-understand tutorials , and her inclusive spirit, this club is more than just a monthly e-mail. It's an experience.

  • Subscribers will have access to the YarnYAY! private Facebook group where team members and the community are there to answer questions, share knitting tips and support one another.

We can't wait build, crochet-style with you!

  • Can I use yarn from my stash to stitch along with this club?

Yes! We recommend using a aran/heavy worsted weight yarn for these blocks, though, to obtain the 16" square. Alternatively, we include cast-on or chain amounts for DK weight and Bulky weight yarns, for every block. Regardless of your chosen yarn weight, however, we highly encourage using a clean, yarn with little to no texture, for optimal stitch pattern definition.

  • Why 16"/41 cm blocks?

We've designed squares at that size with the ultimate goal of the option to create a 48"/122 cm x 64"/163 cm lapghan. Smaller squares would not result in a large enough blanket for an adult.

  • How much yarn will I need for 1 block?

Each square, depending on craft (knit or crochet) and stitch pattern (different each month) requires anywhere between 104 and 150 gr of heavy worsted/aran weight. so allow at least 1 1/4 hanks per square.

  • I bought a Block Builder Club Starter Kit  to make my first 3 squares. If I know that I want to keep going to make the blanket (or multiples of the smaller projects), will more yarn be available?

Yes! We will have individual hanks of Vickie Howell Montoya Merino yarn available as of the second week in September. You'll be able to buy as much or little, of any color(s) as you'd like, then!

  • I know I want to make the 12 block blanket, how much yarn will I need?

You will need approximately 18 hanks, or 1800 yards of heavy worsted weight/aran yarn to make the BBC blanket.

  • What if I need to temporarily pause my BBC Subscription?

To pause your subscription, simply log into your account by clicking here. Please note, when you unpause your subscription, it will pick back up where you left off (ie. the next month's block). However, if you cancel your subscription, you will start over at the first block of the series. 

  • What if I want to cancel my BBC Subscription?

Want to cancel your Block Builder Club subscription? Just log into your account by clicking here. Please note, when you cancel your subscription, should you wish to resubscribe, you will have to start over at the first block of the series. If you'd rather be able to pick up where you left off, please consider skipping the month instead.

  • Why did I get charged twice this month?

All Block Builder Club subscriptions renew on the last day of the month. During your first month as a BBC Club member, you will be charged the day you subscribe (for Block #1) and then on the last day of the month for Block #2. After your first month, you will only see a charge on the last day of the month.

  • Can I order a physical copy of the Block eBooklets?

This is a digital subscription, so physical copies are only available to you if you print them out from your own device.

New to the club and don't want to miss out on Blocks 1-9? We've got you. The digital eBooklet for all previous blocks is available for purchase here.