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  • Handmade Help Session

Handmade Help Session

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This is a free service for subscribers to our Monthly Box, Quarterly Box, and/or Block Builder Club.

Need a helping hand with your YarnYAY! project? We've got you!

Whether you're stuck on one of our knit or crochet patterns, have a WIP mistake that needs fixing, or need help understanding a technique, our virtual Handmade Help sessions are the thing for you! 

To provide you with the best experience please purchase your class at least 24 hours before the session and briefly let us know what project you need help with in the "Add a note to your order" section at checkout.

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Becky Joiner
As a serial maker Becky will always have a bag full of projects in various states of completion. Yarn, paint, cloth, and thread are her besties! Before joining our team she spent several years teaching fiber crafts at Stitch Lab in Austin, TX.

When she's not packing YarnYAY! orders, making samples, helping out at the studio, she's trying new crafty things, and gets the most joy from creating and doing something different every day. 

Chris Bahls
Chris is a printmaker, turned software interface designer, turned knitwear designer and instructor. Before joining YarnYAY!, he taught and helped run The Knitting Tree in Inglewood, CA.

Chris enjoys all the yarn crafts and his next project is whatever you're making.