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  • Limited Edition Pride 2021 Box
  • Limited Edition Pride 2021 Box
  • Limited Edition Pride 2021 Box
  • Limited Edition Pride 2021 Box
  • Limited Edition Pride 2021 Box
  • Limited Edition Pride 2021 Box
  • Limited Edition Pride 2021 Box

Limited Edition Pride 2021 Box

$75.00 USD

Pride Box by YarnYAY!

We're so happy to celebrate Pride Month and support the LGBTQIA+ fiber enthusiasts in our community, with our very first, limited-edition Pride Box!

$5 from each box will be donated to the ACLU for civil rights action.

  • 1 hank Fully Spun Postscript Fingering (75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon, 415 yds, 100g), in color: POC Inclusive Pride
  • Love is Love Tote, by Soul Flower
  • Pride is Inclusive Enamel Pin, by Meg Potoma Studios
  • Glitter Tassel Maker, by Any-Line for YarnYAY!
  • Ticker Tape AND Confetti scarf patterns booklet, by Vickie Howell
Confetti Scarf (knit)Ticker Tape Scarf (crochet)

Additional materials required:

Fully Spun
Owner: Brooke Addams (she/her/hers)
Bio: Hand-dyed and mill-spun yarn full of color for crochet, knitting, weaving, and other fiber arts. Wear colors you love. Black, woman, LGBTQ+ owned.
Instagram: @iamfullyspun

Wonder Twin Fiber Arts
Owners: Danielle Comeau & Chelsea Lee-Keenan (she/her/hers)
Bio: Wonder Twin Fibrearts is the culmination of two slightly obsessed fibre fanatics, each with their own unique set of “super powers”. Queer women owned.
Instagram: @wondertwinfiberarts

Meg Potoma Studios
Owner: Meg Tocoma (they/them/theirs)
Bio: Meg Potoma Studios is a Philadelphia-based trans & queer shop specializing in feminist and social justice influenced buttons, stickers, and more.
Instagram: @megpotoma

Here are a few publications that I've found really helpful when educating myself as an ally. --Vickie

Disclosure (documentary)

It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders (podcast): The LGBT Rights Movement Before Stonewall

Becoming Nicole (book/audio book), by Amy Ellis Nutt

How to Support Transgender Kids (Boston Globe article)

Gender Revolution: A journey with Katie Couric (TV Special)

The Laverne Cox Show (podcast): Moving Beyond the Gender Binary with ALOK

MILK (movie)

Not sure what all of the the letters mean in LGBTQIA+? We've got you.

L = lesbian (cisgender or transgender woman who is attracted to the same sex)

G = gay (generally used to describe a cisgender or transgender man who is attracted to the same sex. Also used as a broad term to describe any human who is attracted to the same sex as they identify as.)

T = transgender (a person who identifies as a different sex than the body they were born into.)

= queer (an umbrella term for any sex or gender minority who are not heterosexual and/or cisgender.)

I = intersexual (a person born with both the sexual organs that identify a male and female body.)

A = asexual (not feeling sexually attracted to any person on the sexual or gender spectrum.)

+ = As we evolve as a society, we're learning that binary definitions are a societal construct. We're learning more every day about the spectrum of sexual identity (who one goes to bed as) and sexuality (who one goes to bed with). The + gives nod to that spectrum.