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  • Low-Five Cowl Kit
  • Low-Five Cowl Kit
  • Low-Five Cowl Kit

Low-Five Cowl Kit

$36.00 USD

We love the drape and feel of the High-Five Mitts so much, that we thought it would be fun to use the same pattern, in a different way. Instead of using seven colors, this version uses three for a more classic, toned-down result, while still adding a fun pop of color to any outfit!

Great for Knitters

Snaps/ Heart Hands / Pinky Swear
Spirit Fingers/ Pinky Swear / Peace Fingers

This kit includes:

  • Vickie Howell for Mad | Tosh Unicorn Tails (100% Superwash Merino Wool, 52 yds/tail), in colors:
  • (A) Snaps, 3 Tails
    (B) Heart Hands, 2 Tails
    (C) Pinky Swear, 1 Tail


    (A) Spirit Fingers, 3 Tails
    (B) Pinky Swear, 2 Tails
    (C) Peace Fingers, 1 Tail

  • Higher-Five Cowl Digital Pattern (including Low-Five Variation)
  • Muslin Bag

  • Size US 3, 16" circular needle
  • Tapestry needle