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  • Month to Month Gift Subscription

Month to Month Gift Subscription

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Love knitting and crochet? Obsessed with gorgeous yarn? Can’t get enough of knitterly tools and novelty items? Then, this is the subscription for you! 


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Included in each (aqua-colored!) box, are bite-sized portions of artisanal, hand-dyed, or indie mainstay yarns, TWO exclusive patterns for the same type of project - one KNIT & one CROCHET, at least two specialty items that will make your knitting heart swoon, and access to our private Facebook Group which includes tutorials, exclusive interviews and a wonderful stitch-along community!

YarnYAY! July Subscription Club

During a period in history when time has no meaning, it's hard to believe that it's actually July already. The upside: that means the YarnYAY! July Subscription Club Pack is now available!

YarnYAY! July Subscription Packs | Curated by Vickie Howell | Featuring Hikoo Popcycle, Felted Sky, and I Love Handles

This month we're exploring sustainable fibers, learning a new skill and getting a cool tool. Here's the scoop!


YarnYAY! July yarn: HiKoo Pocycle. It's made from bamboo and recycled plastic bottles!


This month, we're working with a yarn that's as innovative as it is silky and drapey! Popcycle is made from 50% bamboo and 50% polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Each subtle tweed hank (of which you'll get a pop-color from the palette at random) recycles TWO plastic bottles! Cool, eh?

Skacel Knitting, perhaps known best for being responsible for bringing Addi Needles to us, is a women-founded-and-run business in Kent, Washington.


This month we're getting netty with it. We're combining the strength of the Popcycle yarn with open-weave knit or crochet stitches (you choose!) to create net bags perfect for carrying produce and more from the market. The knit version combines a series of yarn-overs and knit-two-togethers to form an eyelet fabric. The crochet version links chains together to form an ever-expanding mesh. (See July Project Tab for Pics).


Felted Sky Mini Succulent Needle Felting Kits, exclusively for YarnYAY!


We're so excited to, for the first time, offer a needle felting project and lesson which will result in the cutest little felt succulent you ever did see!

Felted Sky is a family-run business owned by Elizabeth Whitton and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To see more of their AMAZING needle felting kits or buy a pot for your wee plant, go HERE


Wrist Ruler by I Love Handles


We love an accessory with a purpose, and the Wrist Ruler fits the bill! Made with silicon, it's easy to clean and wear. Need a measuring tape? Look to your wrist!

Crossover Industries was founded by Avik & Rich, two buddies who met in architecture school. They run this company, along with I LOVE HANDLES, in Portland, OR.

Market Share Bag (knit)
Market Share Bag (knit)
Marketing Bag (crochet)
Marketing Bag (crochet)