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  • YarnYAY! Fiber Fund

YarnYAY! Fiber Fund

$44.00 USD

The YarnYAY! Fiber Fund is a community-driven initiative to help keep YarnYAYers (aka subscribers) knitting and crocheting during this time of financial uncertainty. We’re encouraging those willing/able to help to purchase Fiber Fund Gift Cards, ranging from $10 to $44 to benefit other YarnYAYers.

YarnYAY! will also donate to this fund during difficult economic times. The money raised goes into the Fiber Fund and will be allocated to individuals. Thanks for your generosity during this challenging time!


If you need help with your subscription for a 1-3 month period, please e-mail, and we'll add you to our list. You will need to submit proof of lost income so please attach any necessary documentation to your email. Thanks!