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  • The Spring Box 2023
  • The Spring Box 2023
  • The Spring Box 2023
  • The Spring Box 2023
  • The Spring Box 2023
  • The Spring Box 2023
  • The Spring Box 2023
  • The Spring Box 2023
  • The Spring Box 2023

The Spring Box 2023

$120.00 USD

We are so in love with our very first Quarterly Box, and are happy to share the spring-inspired goodness with you! You definitely don't want to miss out on this limited-edition seasonal box, so grab yours -- in one of two custom palettes.

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Great for Knitters

Quarterly YAY!


  • Tosh TML Tweed & Impressions | Vickie Howell x  Madeline Tosh 
    Team YarnYAY! really wanted our first Quarterly Box project to play with yarns with different textures, and the combo of TML Tweed and Impressions seemed like a dream fit for that! Vickie collaborated with our friends over at Mad Tosh to create custom colors just for this project!  
    • With the Jewels, Bolds & Brights selection you'll get both yarns in Melongenta!
    • With the Neutrals, Pastels & Pops selection you'll get both yarns in Rosy Posy (pictured)!
  • Blossom Fest Shawl by Chris Bahls
    Beginning with a Garter Tab, then worked from the top-center out, this shawl's crescent shape emerges through syncopated stripes of mohair and merino. The center panel's lacy peaks and waves are embraced by arms of eyelets and stockinette. The result is a shawl both delicate and bold, classic and modern.
  • Bloom Fest Shawl e-Course
    Have you been wanting to step up your shawl-knitting skills game, but would love a little hand-holding? Are you hoping for a gorgeous piece you'll be able to flaunt throughout the warmer months? We've got you!

    Not only does our Quarterly Box (Spring Edition #1) include in-depth instructions and charts for Chris Bahls breathtaking Blossom Fest Shawl and the custom Madeline Tosh yarns to knit it, but it also includes Vickie's accompanying e-Course!
  • Make it Up As I Go Tote | Danica Studios
    Making it up as we go, is the seed that creativity grows. Why not put your crafty works inside a premium tote with that reminder printed on it? Danica Studios never disappoints when it comes to design cuteness. This bag also has a message. Let's make it up together! 
  • Spring Stitch Markers | Firefly Notes
    Firefly Notes designed an adorable enamel stitch marker pack with a Spring flair. Packaged in a sweet vellum envelope, you'll get one each of a daffodil, cherry blossom, umbrella, and robin marker perfect for any knitting project.
  • Minimalist Acetate Tortoise Shawl Stick | diva soap
    Keep your shawl in place, minimalist style! This chic shawl stick is made in the USA out of multicolored acetate creating a tortoise (realistic or not) shell look.

  • Introduction
  • Materials
  • How to Read a Chart
  • Getting Started: Provisional Cast-on
  • Getting Started: Garter Tab
  • Special Stitch: S2KP
  • Special Stitch: S2p3tog
  • Pro-Tip: Use a Lifeline
  • Let's Talk Stripe Sequence
  • Pro-tip: Working with Mohair
  • Stretchy K2tog Bind-off
  • Vic's Tips: How to Block Lace (The Knit Show)
  • Thank You!
  • BONUS: Design Process Interview with Chris Bahls