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About the Company

We at YarnYAY! believe in the “rising tide” philosophy of working together with other fiber-loving (and whenever possible, indie) businesses, to help us all thrive.

Our mission is to introduce our subscribers to appetizer portions of gorgeous yarns and on-trend, totally doable projects (we love little wins like FOs!) Once makers fall in love with the yarns from our boxes, we encourage them to support their local yarn shops by buying more of it from them.

YarnYAY! is more than a subscription box company, though. It’s an experience based in large part on community, which we try to nurture virtually almost every day. Subscribers can interact with Vickie, the team, and each other as much or little as they like. We just want them to know that they always have a place to get help, stitch-along, and to share projects with fellow yarn-lovers. We hope you’ll come YarnYAY with us!

Meet the Team

YarnYAY! is a women-owned business based in Austin, Texas. The team is 60% cat-eyelinered, 20% mustachioed, and 100% whip-smart bad-assery.

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Vickie Howell Founder/Stitcher-in-Chief

Vickie is a mom of three, award-winning broadcaster, author, designer & entrepreneur. Over a decade and a half, through various television shows, YouTube videos, online courses, conference tours and books - she’s had the privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of stitchers new yarn-y skills. It’s her mission to empower people to lean into creativity by making DIY totally doable! Follow @vickiehowell

Chris Bahls

Chris Bahls Operations Manager

Chris is a printmaker, turned software interface designer, turned knitwear designer and instructor. When he’s not managing the YarnYAY! shop, he can be found elbow deep in color, creating the latest of gorgeous shades for his hand-dyed yarn company, Left Coast DyeWorks

Becky Joiner

Becky Joiner Associate Maker

As a serial maker, Becky will always have a bag full of projects in various states of completion. Yarn, paint, cloth, and thread are her besties! When she's not packing YarnYAY! orders, and assisting in all that is creative within the company, she's trying new crafty things. Becky gets the most joy from creating and doing something different every day.

Tanner Howell

Tanner Howell Lead Box Folder/Studio Maintenance Asst.

Tanner's ability to pole vault higher than most room's ceilings, and solve a Rubik's cube in under 2 minutes, speaks to the agility that aids him in speed folding YarnYAY! boxes (his record is 350 in an hour), and figure out most maintenance conundrums!

Natalie Thomas

Natalie Thomas A/W 2021 Designer in Residence

Natalie is the very first YarnYAY!, Designer in Residence! She'll be contributing crochet designs to our monthly subscription boxes, through 2021. Over the years Natalie has perfected her craft, taking the time to improve her skills and learn new ones with the intent to offer the very best of what she does and inspire others to do the same. Follow @detroitknots


YarnYAY! proudly supports women-run businesses worldwide. This site was developed by Yael Rozanes, owner of UL-UX studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.